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How to choose plush fabric suppliers?
Browse: 1907| Update: 2016-09-22 11:03:21| Author: Hopen

We know that there are now a variety of plush fabrics on the market, the price and the  quality is quite unstable, then how do we choose a trustworthy and reliable textile company? We think we need to consider a few points: 1. whether the price is favourable, the price can not be higher than your target plans; 2.If the MOQ is too high, because in China, many companies are needed  Higher MOQ . some customers has not completely trust in suppliers in the first beginning  , therefour just place small order quantity to test the quality ; 3. whether the quality can make  customer satisfied, The most important factor for pleasant cooperation  is whether the products are good quality, which is a top priority; 4 . whether Pre-sale and after sales service is professional, is it easy to communicate; so before you place your order  you’d better  need to consider these points as  well!


                  We (Shenzhen Hao Peng Textile Co.,Ltd) Our plush fabric just produce in our own factory, We imported advanced looms from Germany, having more than 10 years  outstanding teamwork  experience, so for any needs from customers, we are absolutely have advantages,  the  advantages as below :

1,  Super soft plush velboa fabric, we have 240 colors , there has a lot of fabrics in our stock , when customers need to order, No MOQ, take example: if just need to order 1 yard, we can also send to you, also have quality assurance;

2, Regarding Customization, we can meet any requirements of customers customized product, for example, color, pattern (printing), pile length , weight, size ....

3, We  have our own weaving machine and  dyeing factory, has 100% absolute advantage, you can compare our quality to other plush supplier in China , you will  know our price and quality are very favorable;

4, About quality, we have professional advanced imported looms, professional team, our factory started toproduce plush fabric more than 10 years;

5, We also have professional  pre-sale and after sale service, our sales have a prefect spoken English  , communicate with customers in English  is not a problem  at all.


So, what are you thinking about it? Please do not hesitate  and contact us now for business cooperation !