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A True Story from an underlying packer
Browse: 1849| Update: 2016-11-03 13:59:43| Author: Hopen

I come from a Chinese peasant family, the level of education is not high, but I have a great dream, hoping to  create value to the community with my own small ability .


Now I work in a home textile company, my job is to  pack each customer's order, company's products has , bed sheet quilt, pillow cushions, tablecloths table mats, curtains, towels cloth, toys Custom, Our main product is fabric, plush fabric, printed fabrics, linen, etc.,


Do not think that the packaging is very simple, really difficult, we take the fabric as example, it is very soft, we use a relatively soft bag to pack  fabric instead of using box .because the box is relatively heavy, cost and shipping fee  are relatively high, so we choose to use a Light weight but good quality polybag to pack fabric .You can imagine, you want to fix the fabric well, when  customer received the goods is  complete and doesn’t have  a lot of Wrinkles, It is really not easy. We strive to perfect!


We will insist on writing blessing words with  pen to  guests by handwriting ,some people will ask, why handwriting, it is waste of time, directly using bulk printing is not very good? But I do not think so, I hope to treat each customer sincerely, I wish  guests when they receive  our goods, they can notice that the best wishes is from our bottom of heart instead of just a form of it.


During packaging, we use the colorful bag to pack our products, and then stick a bow on it , the purpose is to hope that when customers receive the goods ,after unpacking, it  will give surprises to customer, It will like  received long-awaited gift! Finally, we put on the outside waterproof packaging bag, and then wrapped in yellow tape, play a fixed shape of the packaging, as well as double protection of the goods!


However, a lot of things are unsatisfactory, because the retail value is relatively low, In general it will ship slowly  ,plus  distance is too far away, what is the status of the goods on the road?, each of us  cannot control it , so the guests receive the goods, whether it may not be the same condition  we began to pack at first ,therefour  because of this,  some guests may give us a negative feedback or complaints!


I am writing this article today, the purpose is, first of all from the perspective of lowest class staff, I hope I can do my best to do better , although the work is inconspicuous, but I hope to a humble work, to bring more value to company !

Then, I think that every business, company, or a small thing, we have to do our best to do a good job, persist for a long time, is a good habit,  it will sure will bring you better value!


Finally, I also hope that every  guests can feel our sincerity , we will keep doing better and better .